The truck that the Canter is eco-friendly

Having such an image that the truck runs while spitting out much black smoke and causes the environmental pollution may come a lot.
The truck was surely existence according to image if before an age.
However, the environmental awareness of people increases, and a clean truck with a little load to the global environment appears a lot in the present when regulation came to be enforced strictly.
It is a Canter that the first on the list includes.
Blue technical center technology is put on this car.
This technology is the environmental technology that was developed to utilize a diesel engine in clean.
PM and the NOx which have occurred catch it with reproduction control type DPF each while preventing black smoke from occurring by incomplete combustion by performing the combustion of the high efficiency with an engine and remove adverse effects to environment by the flow that it jets urea water with a processor after the blue technical center disposal and dismantles.
In addition, all cars clear exhaust emission regulation easily in 2009, and the car of the Canter clears weight car fuel economy standards of 2015, and super low public hazard catches the authorization as gas sipper.
For the person who is looking for the car which it is eco-friendly, and the mileage is good for, the Canter is very recommended.

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